Maintenance Management




Touted by maintenance and reliability professionals around the world as a “must-read for anyone who wants to stay competitive in today’s industrial...
17 Lectures
Maintenance Planning, Coordination, & Scheduling is based on real-world experience. This invaluable guide and reference tells the whole story o...
21 Lectures
In Case Studies in Maintenance and Reliability, The authors describe 42 on-the-job events or situations – case studies taken from their own work ex...
44 Lectures
The popular RCMII methodology has been around since the late ’90s, but it was what professionals call a consequence-based approach. This work repre...
16 Lectures
The CONTROL Phase of the Asset Reliability Transformation For too long, books have focused on going from “zero to hero,” leaping from reactive main...
1 Lectures
Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within is a unique book, perfect for those who are internal consultants…and may not know it. It helps th...
21 Lectures
In the fields of maintenance & reliability, there are a number of certifications that “M&R” professionals may take to help further their ca...
12 Lectures
Updated to account for ISO 55000, Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management, Third Edition, now includes an ove...
12 Lectures
Machinery Reliability
Learn world’s best practice in bearing, fitting and dismounting from engineers using the correct fitting and removal tools and techniques.
22 Lectures

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